6 Things I Have Learnt From 6 Years In Blogging

6 Things I Have Learnt From 6 Years In Blogging

I remember my first blog like it was yesterday. It was one of those free WordPress ones that were meant for non-technical people that were scared of hosting packages. It was a real fright and embarrassing whenever I look at it now. That was in late November of 2008, when the biggest buzz in the […]
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2 Reasons Why You Should Use The Internet To Drive Sales In-Store Instead of Online

Google searches, convenience, increased online sales, Cyber Monday… all legitimate reasons why businesses have been making the shift more and more online for increased sales. But, in a world where Amazon or eBay will allow you to buy anything many times at lower prices than offline businesses can is it wise to force online sales […]
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Growth expectations muted for small business owners as they express concerns over rising …

This is a decline from the 58 percent of small business owners who … their businesses including access to capital, marketing, government regulation, …
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Free Small Business Workshops Available In Century

Marketing I – Winning with Social Media: Learn practical, cost-effective strategies for marketing your small business. Not sure where to begin with …
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Could Small Business Ownership Be a Solution in Baltimore?

Over the last few days we have witnessed another major tragedy in another American city. How many of these events will we continue to see and is there a solution? I’m not sure and I’ll be honest about it. However, I do believe after having some conversations this week with friends from urban areas as […]
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Release Date and Sponsors Announced for "Kill the Noise", Modmacro's New Book

“Their choice to get involved shows their commitment to the small business … The firm's integrated marketing approach is based on a healthy mix of …
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Facebook says active small business pages have soared to 40 mn

About 15 lakh small and medium businesses from India are using Facebook … time strike a more personal bond with them through targeted marketing.
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Brandlective: Can Facebook make your business stronger?

Brandlective Communications believe that there are many benefits of small businesses utilising Facebook as both a marketing and communication …
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Interview With Joe Pulizzi – the Content Marketing Evangelist

In this interview, Joe Pulizzi, the content marketing evangelist, talks about his books, his vision of business, and all things about content marketing.
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