At A Glance

Short story of my life:

•       born one year and one day later than the first born

•       5 years of age when Santa Claus was met at Saint John Child Care Center in Quezon City

•       12 years of age when the first-authored valedictory speech was delivered in that school which lost its name

•       just entered teenage life when active Christian service was rendered at the local Parish in Caloocan, became a boyscout, became a writer of the school organ, a choir member, a spelling champion, loved and failed, formed a lasting camaraderie (they call themselves “Torpedo”), fell in love again and this time successful in this (up to this day)

•       went to study in the best university the country has, became a member of a worthwhile brotherhood (Vanguard), became partly self-employed in different ways, and called forth again to share his self to others

•       was married to April (Maria Melissa Gonzales-Guevarra), became father to Chichoybachichoy (Noe Ychidaime) and soon to another one

•       inducted to the Couples for Christ membership together with his loving wife April

•       writes in Scribd and EzineArticles

•       in Odesk, but not really as frequent as before

•       in Yahoo! messenger, but lost the original account

•       in Facebook also, but not very frequent

•       in Skype, and quite frequent here!

•       a passionate writer… to this date, the most important write-ups are eye-opening marketing principles in the conversational Filipino style found in

•       owner and webmaster of several websites covering different topics

•       currently part of the family formed by Syntures, Zugguz, and EliteOS

•       currently holds service responsibilities in Couples for Christ Cavite

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