Call Tracking Leads to 60% Savings on Ad Spend for Retailers

Call Tracking Leads to 60% Savings on Ad Spend for Retailers

Search engine marketing (SEM) continues to capture the largest share of … “Small businesses often assume they can get enough visibility by just …
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3 potential marketing problems every start-up faces

Every day I talk to marketing managers and small business owners about their ambitions for growth and the barriers they face. While every business is …
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Why CRM Matters for Your Business

As you may know, part of the Absolute Perfection family is our in-house marketing team, AP Media. I'm what you might call an innovation enthusiast …
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$150 Cash and $120+ in Free Web Hosting Giveaway Contest

Introducing Temok Web Hosting with a $150 Cash and $120+ in Free Web Hosting Giveaway Contest On Guest Crew – we are running another contest. And this time – we are doing it for Temok web hosting. More details are available on the Campaign page, do participate, and best of luck,
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4 Essentials to Secure Your Business Even From State-Sponsored Online Threats

Recent online security breaches and attacks have left the business and technology communities in a turbulent state regarding the strength of their security. While we may talk for hours on end about the attacks perpetrated by skilled individuals, small groups of hackers and very lucky “script kiddies,” it’s equally important to consider that some national […]
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Firm Adopts Novel Marketing For Growing FinTech

Emerging industries with high growth potential are the Holy Grail for law firms large and small. But marketing for upstart companies can require some …
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Quick Video Ranking Method That Might Surprise You

I haven’t seen so much about ranking videos here on Kingged so this may help a few of you video marketers. I am using good ole YouTube for the method I am about to lay out for you.   It’s the bare bones of what I do succesfully and you are welcome to give it […]
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The secret to getting to the top of Google

Senior digital marketing strategist Lachlan Wells says the best thing small businesses can do is encourage customers to rate and review them on their …
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Manta-Bank of America Study Reveals 74 Percent of Small Businesses in Online Communities …

The study, which polled 24,723 small business owners, found that of 30 … It helps build my credibility,” says Bonnie Armstrong, Owner, Marketing …
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