In my attempt to be organized, I am highlighting different “dimensions” of being Jayson Guevarra.

This portion will also contain my attempt to define and explain in the simplest and strictest sense what every dimension is about.

In reality, some parts or dimensions in my life will not be readily visible. as such, there will always be an overview.

For my first project in the Blogosphere, please check out jaysonguevarra.wordpress.com.

The readily-recognizable “dimension” of being me, of course, is as Internet Marketing Professional, the way I make money online as a career. This is mostly and dominantly the reason why I am online, so this blog will be home for such topic.

However, I also want to emphasize that my character is being continually built via implementing what I learn as a follower of Jesus Christ. I may highlight events and summaries within this blog, but for full discussions and reflections, I will make these available at Couples for Christ dot me website.

I will also be reaching out to people who I look up to, people who in one way or another have contributed to who I am today. I encourage those who have already shaken hands with me to request for the questionnaire!

If you find something useful here, please share via Facebook, Twitter, email and even offline!

Whatever you do, I PRAY you FIND that which you SEEK!

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