How to Get More Leads and Sales for Businesses in the Philippines – Include Internet Marketing

    If you are searching for where to buy leads for email marketing or SMS blasts marketing, I suggest you look at the best provider in the Philippines today: Philippine Leads. If you are looking for the “business model” or the “how to get leads” part, the lead generation system, read the rest of this entry.     This post is my attempt to lay the foundations of how a business stakeholder (owner, manager, marketer) should train his or her mind when it comes to deciding if the Internet should be utilized for marketing or not.     To get more leads and have the legitimate chance to convert these leads into payers, I advocate “staying where the audience stays.” This is not something new, but the technology involved is.     In the simplest way I possibly can, through this post, I return to the basics of how business entities have gained success and profitability even before the emergence of the Internet. I highlight that the center for any effort must be the customers or the recipients or target market or the actual audience of the business. I describe a time-tested principle, and outlined the process which works in the traditional setting.     Next, I insert my own analysis of what the online world has done to change the process, backed by statistics from third-party sources.     And then, I move to explaining how big authoritative traditional media networks have been contributing to the widespread mistrust and discouragement about all things online, and how we may counter this attitude which may be hindering the growth of our business.     Images shown in this post are screen shots of:   * spreadsheet file about my research for a project I am developing * dashboard of my account in web-based ranking-monitor ProRankTracker * Google search results page (SERP) 1 for keyword “filipino seo expert” * traffic summary from StatCounter for period of May 1 to May 28, 2014     I have done my best to provide information and evaluation which may be able to help anyone doing business anywhere in the world. However, there are certain special portions which apply dominantly to the Philippine environment which may only be fully understood by those who have enough experience about and exposure to the Filipino culture.     Reviewing the Basics     I think I am more troubled than amazed when I found out that there are lots of Catholic Schools in Metro Manila which do not fund their own privately-paid website and unique domain names.         I am disturbed by this discovery. Is this enough to conclude that Catholic education in the country is no longer being heavily promoted, this is actually happening to a nation primarily forged by religious movements?     Let us set aside any controversy at the moment, by recalling the aspects of effective marketing and promoting.     The Audience     Every business needs an audience; a read more


Affirming the Nationhood of Filipinos – Ma’am Cha Speaks at Saint Joseph Academy of Dasmariñas

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  March 28, 2014, Dasmariñas, Cavite, PHILIPPINES – “Hindi Natitinag ang Pusong Pilipino” is the theme of the 2014 Moving Up and Commencement Ceremonies for Saint Joseph Academy of Dasmariñas. The event has been held at the new High School Quadrangle.   The guest of honor Ma’am Cha is already 6 decades old, making her a senior citizen already in our country. Despite her age, it is evident in her choice of words and her gestures that she is still appropriately in tune with what the younger generation favorably responds to.   She sounds really happy and excited when she presented an overview of what she is to talk about that morning. She has made us, her audience, expect to hear at least two different language to cover her speech, one in English and the other in Filipino. Over the course of delivering her message, she tries gracefully to accomplish this self-imposed task.   I get intrigued when she addresses the students with questions, and in the English language, too.   “Do you know how to read your alphabet? Do you know how to write your alphabet? Do you know how to write your name? Do you know how to listen to stories?”   Each question is satisfactorily answered by the little ones in chorus, with “Yes.”   She adds, “Do you want to move up to Grade One? Are you happy you are moving up?”   And we heard positive response.   Next, Ma’am Cha turns her attention to the parents, including the “acting-parents.” Her questions deals with awareness mostly, about the K-to-12 program of the Department of Education, about officially using both the mother tongue and English as medium of teaching, of the added significance of projects and activities in giving out grades for pupils, and gaining outstanding status when the average grade is 90% and above.   The first responses of the parents who attended are not convincingly positive compared to the children’s.   Yet I attribute this, not really because most of us are not fully aware. In reality, we may or may not really be able to determine which has changed, for our kids are just at the start of the race.   Or in my case, it does not matter as of that moment, to the point that I may even consider those aspects as mundane.   What is more important for me at that time, is the way our son Noe has embraced the importance of success, that he is “acknowledging the power of conquering the important basic steps” (in my view, at least).   It is at this point that the speaker connected the story of every parent and guardian of each pupil, to the stories of struggles the Philippines has had as a nation.   She is right in highlighting the struggles that we, we who believe in what education can do, have faced so our children complete pre-elementary level: waking up, saving allowances (pagtitipid ng baon), homeworks, exams, and other read more


Big Picture of Online Income for Pinoys (Filipino Language Version)

  NOTE: This will be helpful to you if you understand conversational Filipino. If you are a business owner and have Filipinos as virtual assistant, staff, or even friend, allow them to explain this masterpiece to you.   If there is enough request for an English version of this post, I will gladly oblige.     Intro: Linawin Muna Natin ang ilang Konsepto   Seryoso po ako sa aking online-based career kung kaya naman humihiling ako sa inyo ng katumbas na pagseseryoso dito. Sana ay maglaan tayo ng konting panahon, iyong walang anumang uri ng distractions, para po maintindihan natin ang mga paglalahad dito.   Hiling ko rin na basahin ang kabuuan ng sulating ito, nang dalawang beses man lang, at least, upang maging mas matindi ang pag-unawa natin, na siyang tutulong para makapag-desisyon tayo nang naaayon sa pansariling sitwasyon.   At unahin na nga natin:     INTERNET MARKETING.   ..ay ang paggawa ng promotions o pagbebenta gamit ang Internet upang kumita ng pera ang isang tao (individual), negosyo (business), o anumang nilalang (entity), na ang pagdating ng bayad ay maaaring dumaan sa Internet din (online), o kaya naman ay sa karaniwang / mas nakasanayang pamamaraan (offline) tulad ng bank transfers / direktang pagbabayad ng napagkasunduang fees.   Ang ipapakita kong BIG PICTURE dito ay tungkol sa INTERNET MARKETING.     BIG PICTURE.   Ito ang karaniwang tawag sa isang SISTEMA na kapag nakita o natuklasan ay madaling unawain ang magiging resulta. Sa usapin ng pagkakakitaan, ito ang BUSINESS SYSTEM o BUSINESS MODEL, o grupo ng mga gawain na ang resulta ay pagdating ng income, ng profit, ng money.     THE MONEY IS IN THE LIST.   Kung nagsimula ka nang maghanap ng pagkakakitaan sa Internet, malamang ay nabasa o narinig mo na ang makahulugang pananalita na iyan: “The Money is in The List”.   Dahil totoo naman ito.   Itong “List” na tinutukoy lalo kapag Internet Marketing ang usapin, ay isang subscriber mailing system o isang online database program na ginagamit para (1) magkaroon ng brand awareness; (2) makabuo ng relationship sa tukoy na audience; at (3) maging daan para maisagawa ang follow-up marketing.   Sa “Gabay sa IM Para sa Filipino” ay tinalakay ko na ang pagbubuo ng relationships pa rin ang tanging paraan upang makabuo ng pagkakakitaan na gamit ang Internet. Ang latest version nito ay nasa homepage ng SEOfilipino.com website.   Sa madaling salita, ang “List” ay listahan ng mga taong nagpadala ng kanilang kagustuhan o interest sa anumang iniaalok ninuman, at ginawa ito sa pamamagitan ng pag-register / sign-up sa isang web-form kung saan inilagay ang kanilang pangalan at email address.   Dahil gumagamit ng email address, ito ang pinakasimpleng pagpapaliwanag kung ano ang Email Marketing. Itinuturing din itong isang uri ng Permission-based Marketing dahil ang mga taong naka-subscribe ay nagbigay ng permiso para mapadalahan sila ng information.   Sa offline na sistema, ang kamukha nito ay ang membership cards na iniaalok ng malalaking negosyo tulad ng SM (Advantage Card) at Mercury Drug read more


Why Internet Marketing – Analysis to Help Your Business Get Online Promotions in the Philippine Market

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    Do you have a BUSINESS? INTERNET MARKETING is important! Have ACCESS to the right tools. Have an EXPERT help you build online credibility. Be found in GOOGLE and other search engines. Use SOCIAL NETWORKS the right way. You DON’T NEED A WEBSITE to start. You DON’T NEED TO SPEND MONEY to start. But you need someone to SHOW you how. This short report is created to outline the benefits of doing online promotions and the best options to start.     BENEFITS OF INTERNET MARKETING Let us start with the benefits you can get with gaining promotions via the Internet: >>> Having an employee who works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! >>> Having an employee who does not ask for salary increase, who does not sleep, who does not form labor unions, who does not complain, and just exists to sell! >>> Saves you time, efforts, money, and other resources — channel them for your other business-related activities! >>> Gives you credibility at a relatively fast pace than traditional means! But for your business to enjoy these benefits, you have to know how to do effective Internet Marketing.     ANALYSIS: Alexa Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the Philippines Even if this is the first time you got interested in utilizing the Internet as a marketing tool, or you are a seasoned online-earner, you will realize that it is very important to “GO WHERE THE PEOPLE STAY“. This is one of the timeless principles of marketing that if we do not follow, the resulting consequence is plain bankruptcy. There is this website with a special function of getting information about where people or online users go. This is Alexa.com – it provides statistics of traffic to different websites. Traffic in the online world means the amount of visits that a particular website or webpage receives. This report is intended to be used by owners or managers of businesses with physical locations in the Philippines, and so it becomes imperative that our interest be centered on those websites frequently visited by Filipino Internet users. The analysis here presentes the top 10 websites in terms of traffic from the Philippines, the URL (website address), description, length of stay of users, and the challenge in terms of marketing for that particular website. 1 Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos. Average time spent by every user: 24 minutes Challenge: Facebook is used mainly for socialization purposes. A small percentage of people who are interested to buy products or services check Facebook to verify if the representatives of businesses have accounts there or how active the owners or managers are. 2 Google Philippines http://www.google.com.ph/ Local version for the Philippines of the Online Search Engine Giant Google.com. Average time spent by every user: 9 minutes Challenge: Being listed in the first page of results for particular search terms requires some technical activities implemented first — read more