Four traditional habits every small business should break

Four traditional habits every small business should break

But, contrary to many business beliefs, not all traditions should stand the … They don't have websites, spend little to nothing on digital marketing and …
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5 Tell-Tale Signs That You Are A True Leader

Do you have the qualities of a leader? Here are the tell-tale signs that you are a true leader, and what you should do if you’re not…
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Tips for building a one-week marketing campaign

Many small business owners don't capitalize on marketing's brand-building opportunities. Why not? Some are consumed with other aspects of their …
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Business and marketing advice on offer at networking event

The Gateway Asia II project, led by Harrow College, is to host a free networking event to promote new opportunities for small businesses. Speakers on …
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How to Make Money Through Online Survey?

Make money through online survey is one of the legitimate ways. Yes! Surveys! It doesn’t require you to be an expert of anything rather you just need to be good in giving your opinion. When I came to know about it, my first impression was like, “One more scam technique” but later when I dug […]
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APEC Lifting Asia-Pacific Trade Barriers for Small Business

The focus is on creating openings for small businesses to integrate in … businesses to participate in the conception, design, production, marketing, …
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The Business Backer Appoints Carissa Newton as Chief Revenue Officer

Newton is an active member of the Business Marketing Association, … $250 million in funding for thousands of small businesses across the United …
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The Digital Revolution: All that glitters is not gold

Led Zeppelin had it right – ‘All that glitters is not gold’. More profound words were never spoken. The digital revolution has occurred over the last three decades. Since then, businesses and brands have rushed in (some more than others), to jump on the band wagon and be part of the curve. Well, it’s time […]
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Web.com to Host Hartford Area Small Businesses at the Web.com Small Business Summit To Help …

Justin Leedy, director of marketing at Web.com, will lead the discussion at the Web.com Small Business Summit, and will share information and tools …
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