Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: BrandStarMe

Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: BrandStarMe

We champion brand building on a shoestring. Most small business cannot afford the £10-50K to build a brand around their business and often don't …
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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Treniq

The UK's fascination for designer furniture has touched new heights, but consumers don't have unruffled access to these products. Having identified …
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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Dr Zigs

Over the last 12 months I have used several marketing and PR strategies to benefit our business and these, together with increased staffing and …
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Best Ad Networks To Monetize Blog Traffic

Every blogger wants to monetize blog traffic, in my point of view money is the fuel to the blogger to produce much more useful content to their readers. Every blogger can’t make money until unless he provides good content to their readers, monetization depends upon the quality of the content and the traffic that blog […]
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IMAGINE Saving 10% – 80% Off EVERYTHING You Do For FUN While Getting PAID!

Here is something fun! http://discoverptp.com/startherenow IMAGINE saving 10% – 80% off EVERYTHING you do for FUN, like… TRAVEL & VACATIONS AMUSEMENT PARKS MOVIES RESTAURANTS SHOPPING CONCERTS SPORTING EVENTS……. NOW IMAGINE Getting Paid to Have Fun – up to $2000 – $25,000 per MONTH WITHOUT Referring or Sponsoring a SINGLE PERSON…….. NOW IMAGINE Doing a Little Bit […]
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Digital Kitbag seminars head to the North West

Digital Kitbag, the Johnston Press-owned digital marketing service for small and medium-sized businesses, will be taking its free digital marketing …
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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Plant-n-Grow

We held a very small, low-cost press, blogger and supplier launch with our collaboration partner, Edinburgh School of Food and Wine. We invited a …
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5 tips for budding female entrepreneurs online

Women in Indonesia are capitalizing on social media outlets, online forums, chat apps and sales and marketing channels for their small businesses, …
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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Mum2mum Market

The sector we operate in traditionally markets an event with a small ad in the local paper. By thinking differently, and running an innovative marketing …
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