Mobile Devices are Propelling Local Searches

Mobile Devices are Propelling Local Searches

How often have you gone around town searching for a new local hotspot to check out? How do you decide what to do and where to go?It wouldn’t surprise me if almost everyone answered with some variation of “I use my phone.” Most smartphone owners use Google in hopes that the search engine will provide […]
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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Local Care Force

Over the last 12 months we've implemented some exciting new marketing strategies including The Big Question and the Nurses Protect Yourself PR …
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Smarter working 2014: Vertex Access

When operating as a small team, working hours are valuable. … As well as improving our database, the use of a freelance marketing consultant …
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The early stage startup's guide to creating an online video presence

The growth of online videos is great news for small businesses and startups. It has helped equalise the marketing arena as platforms like YouTube …
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Marketing and PR Excellence 2014: Carmel Harrison PR

Using this simple yet strategic method we have helped traditional manufacturers to harness technology to grow their business. Our success includes …
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Why Branding is Important for Bloggers? Your Blog Your Brand

You must have definitely heard that some bloggers have made their blog become a brand and now they’re able to earn lot of money through it. Yes, branding is a very important thing for bloggers. Its importance will keep increasing day by day. Making a blog become a brand is not easy. But, it is […]
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Futuristic WiFi Technologies Could Benefit Small Businesses

… these futuristic technologies become commonplace in the industry, their production, distribution and other costs related to marketing will shrink.
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Tampa Chamber names Small Business of the Year semifinalists

TAMPA — The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce announced the semifinalists for the 2015 Small Business of the Year Awards to be held on …
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Marketing Consultant, Business Advisor and Author Launches New Website to Aid Small Business …

Small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for marketing books, eBooks training and advice related to online marketing will find a hefty dose of …
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