Report: Small Business Mobile Solutions Spending Swinging Upward

Report: Small Business Mobile Solutions Spending Swinging Upward

25 percent of very small and small businesses plan to add time management and capture mobile apps, followed by mobile marketing and advertising …
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Why You’re Losing Social Media Followers?

If you are one who find your social follower count a little shorter every time, then this is an exact post for you. I’ve explained why you’re losing social media followers and how to avoid it.
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Seminars at MSU benefit local small businesses

Seminars at MSU benefit local small businesses … on a multitude of topics ranging from customer service, small business loans, marketing and more.
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Becoming a Professional Blogger : Know Everything About It

Every new blogger wants to start doing blogging professionally as then only he will be able to achieve lot of success. Professional bloggers may earn good amount of money regularly, but it is not an easy job. Blogging requires lot of time and one needs to regularly learn new things for getting improved as a […]
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Trademark dispute pits small Bonaire business against media giant

Eaves filed a trademark application for Virture Marketing LLC on Jan. … Her company's business website — virture-marketing.com — remained active …
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SBA & AARP announce "Summer of Encore Mentoring" events

The U.S. Small Business Administration and AARP are partnering to host “Summer of Encore Mentoring” educational events for older Americans who …
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Findxa Review: The Home of The Best Curated Articles

How often you search high quality articles online? For me, it’s everyday. Then, how many tabs you have to open to go through all the similar search result until you get the relevant high quality one? Quite a few I bet. The search result is usually full of rewritten and duplicated articles. From all of […]
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Tactics, Tools & Tips: Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Not all social media platforms are created equal; with each of these platforms having very different users and audiences, a small business's approach …
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Earned Media: What it takes to earn it

Earned media isn’t new. It’s been around for a very long time, under the umbrella of PR. As with everything in marketing and communications, technology has widened the spectrum for PR to include much more than traditional, editorialized media. When it comes to earned media today, many relevant, niche blogs have opened up the traditional […]
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