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For purposes of clear referencing in this post, the website being promoted will be a fictional site Let’s just claim that this website generates income by selling “dog training” ebooks, and advertising spaces. But for whatever I create(d), I will show samples or demo versions.

Please also note that because of changing times, some aspects may already be outdated, i.e. links not displaying websites or “software” / “plugins” no longer working. The more important thing here is to grasp the core principles behind the actions.
SPECIAL MENTION: Everything you learn here will have drastic impact to your business, whether you are serving only your locality Makati City or nationwide (all of the Philippines).



This is Jayson Guevarra, Online Marketer from the Philippines, the husband of Maria Melissa and the father of Noe.

I am currently a member of widely-recognized organizations of practical and active Catholic Christian lay people — “Couples for Christ” and a newly-established council of “Knights of Columbus” in our locale. I just want to convey that I always do my best to be an “open book”. More than being an online earner, I see to it that I am credible in every stuff I am involved with.

Doing SEO-related services, below are screenshots showing how clients value what I do for them:

October 2012 Direct Deposit to Bank Account

October 2012 to April 2013 PayPal

December 2012 Direct Deposit to Bank Account

How about more recent screenshots?

Let us look at proof, in the form of results for some clients… This is for a website I manage with a team which started from zero traffic in July 2013 to average of 2,000 visits from search results pages of Google:


Story behind the above screenshot: this is a website being promoted by a team of three people, including me. We have to do things creatively because the competition is very high. What I teach in this guide allowed us to gain high quality links in a relatively fast pace, in a way that Google sees as “good enough”.

It is likewise important to note that as of present time, Google only shows 79% of the data collected.

I performed a test last December 2013, and this is the result the website gained after only 72 hours of completing all activities outlined here:


Okay, enough with the introduction. Let’s jump to..


Keyword research, keyword analysis, and competition analysis will be done.

In an effort to simplify this important step, I first try to answer the following questions:

  • How do I describe what I offer or sell here in Makati City or the immediate vicinity?
  • How do my main competitors in Makati City describe what they offer or sell?

My answers will form the first list of phrases or keywords to be analyzed. To proceed, I use some tools to determine which keywords to prioritize:

  1. Use to harvest the relevant keywords as suggested by the Google search bar.
  1. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to get estimates of traffic and competition level. Look for those keywords with about 100 searches and above, per month, at the local level; and then, select those which are considered by Google as having medium to low competition.
  1. If you download a file to help you in analyzing, you will see a numerical value that Google attaches to a keyword telling its competition level.
  1. Create a list of keywords which satisfy the requirements (enough search volume and relatively low competition), ordered starting from the highest competition. Prioritize 10 keywords first.

This list of keywords will be used for creating a website structured according to what Google determines as relevant.

To speed up the entire process of keyword research and access more data from Google, I use a customized paid tool developed for this purpose.

For this example, here is the list I generated:

  • how to train the labrador Makati City
  • dog training tips Makati City
  • dog training blogs Makati City
  • how to train the labrador ebook
  • Makati City dog training for labrador breed
  • Makati City dog obedience training labrador
  • obedience training labrador Makati City
  • puppy training labrador Makati City
  • labrador puppy obedience training
  • labrador breed training tips free



Purchase a domain name to be developed into a website of broader category than (or similar to) the one to be promoted. If possible, purchase a domain name that already has metrics deemed valuable by big players like Google (as you are only in Makati City, just call or text me if you want additional guidance about such metrics and how to obtain these domains/ websites).

I personally use PR Powershot to simplify this step, but there are others available.

Let us just assume that the domain name we have purchased for direct, “tier-1” linking is; this is how the website should be set up:

  1. WordPress as backend shall be installed. For ONPAGE OPTIMIZATION FACTORS, the All-in-One SEO Package shall be installed and utilized.
  1. Earlier, we have selected 10 keywords. The first keyword in the list will be used in the TITLE of the HOME PAGE.
  1. The 2nd to the 10th keywords will each be used as TITLE of PAGEs. Pages will be created by just using the dashboard menu of WordPress.
  1. To make this website structure more effective, I will create sub-pages or child pages, like this textual diagram:

Don’t worry if some aspects are not very clear to you – Makati City is just within the Philippines.. I only almost always drink just coffee for consultation. And if I’m a bit hungry, I’ll get pizza or pasta.

Now, please visit if you are looking for a live demo, an actual website following this structure and the whole methodology.

In my honest opinion, brands and companies really need credibility backed up by true personalities, especially coming from social networking websites.

For purposes of getting visits from organic search or SEO, this part of the method also helps to get the necessary social signals which contribute to ranking and traffic.

  1. Install other plugins according to what must be achieved, like tracking, etc.





At the time of this writing, I have about 50 websites in different niches, enrolled in FBack platform. And within FBack, these websites are joined to differently-themed networks which I use in various purposes.

As of this time, too, I still have 50 slots which means I can enroll 50 websites more. I am explaining this because FBack is a paid platform, a monthly subscription of 49 USD.

I want to maximize my subscription by inviting some partners to help me exhaust the 100 slots I have.



After implementing all prior steps explained in the previous portions, the website being promoted ( now has a very high quality backlink ( pointing to it.

However, a good backlink must not be the only backlink. To complete this methodology, we need other backlinks coming from different websites (variety), and with different types (diversity).

To accomplish this..

  1. Submit to pinging and statistics-monitoring websites for indexation of the homepage of the website being promoted (in this example, com). Do this at least once a week, and no more than once a day. Actually, you may also use this for the tier-1 backlinks.
  1. Set up your own Web 2.0 Network or “announcement chain” of websites, on a where-and-when-applicable basis:

Basically, it is better to use older accounts and pen name(s) for Ezinearticles. Just connect to one another what can be connected.

  1. Use social bookmarks, backlinks from .edu’s / .gov’s, documents-sharing, wiki webpages.. Just use keywords as anchor text for 50% to 70% of the time, and use other “generic” type of keywords (click here to visit website) or branded keywords (visit today) for the remaining percentage.

To save time and to utilize the resources I already have access to, you may want to contact me ( for the marketing packages I offer, starting from 50 USD.

There are also good services available at, but do not expect amazing results for five dollars. Those who use for marketing mostly usually just combine a few gigs to the resources they already have.

This concludes the main setup, the major activities needed for lasting results for SEO purposes.



Before you implement any troubleshooting effort, you have to see to it that you have tracking in place.

Many webmasters are now using Google Analytics to track things. Although I am not against this, I don’t really recommend it as the only tracker. I mostly rely on and this also has a WordPress plugin I like.

For checking keyword rankings, I found that the data provided by ProRankTracker is by far the most accurate, according to my experience.

Anyhow, use the tracker of your choice, for whatever it is you need to track. This way, you will have enough information to decide and implement additional efforts to move forward with your business.

After implementing the last micro-steps of STEP 4 in this guide, you have 2 to 3 weeks to check if your website’s rankings moved upwards. You may want to give it another 1 week to know where you stand.

Usually, the methodology I shared here may already be considered as a “surefire” way to getting ranked at the first page of search results, provided that this is implemented at a minimum of 2 full runs in 2 months, and that the competition level is below 0.7 according to Google calculations.

But I only have a smaller data-set compared to companies offering related services, so my claims here only involve the niches or audiences which I have data for.

I don’t claim that for your Makati City business everything will turn out fine. There may be other factors, but this guide has touched all major components to attract metrics and links and traffic to improve organic search visibility to cover Makati City.

Here is what I do for troubleshooting:

These troubleshooting steps should do the trick of getting visits from organic search results.


There are two very important matters I want to highlight:

  1. This is a business you are building. The best way will not always be the cheapest or fastest way. When I talk to clients about services, I remind them..
    3 ways for clients
  1. Taking action is absolutely necessary. This is a very important reminder especially for online earners, given the amount of information and distraction we receive daily in our efforts to establish our business. I know there is a lot of preaching and motivating and pushing happening around us to help us make things happen, but the point is really to implement what we have learned!
    steps for goals

Sorry for the quality of the picture. I just used my BlackBerry phone to capture it. This is what’s displayed on the wall in front of my work station.

Thank you for reading!

Questions? Concerns? Clarifications? Well, I am just a message away. ;)


Warm Regards,

Jayson Guevarra

Learn from the Top SEO Consultant based in the Philippines!

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