Small Business Saturday & American Express

Small Business Saturday & American Express

American Express uses Small Business Saturday to effectively align itself with small businesses. A case study in event marketing.
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Writing Strategies: Ways To Cope With Your Tasks Four Times Faster

Factors that influence speed of writing are as follows: manner of writing and time-management. If you know much about these two things, then you know how to fasten your writing process.
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How To Use Marketing Technologists in Small Business

Marketing technologists are experts in marketing and technology. In the world of small-business, these are the people that can help win you business …
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Small Businesses Vary Social Network Advertising

Facebook is the leading social ad platform for small-business owners, … Only 14% of small-business owners said they're investing marketing dollars …
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6 Marketing Moves Small Businesses Can Borrow From Big Companies

Fortunately, what today's small business lacks in budget can be made up for with strategy and a few carefully chosen tools. Here are six smart …
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5 Essential Keys To Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer

There are 5 Essential Keys To Becoming a Successful Internet Marketer and I am going to cover them here on my blog with you but first I have a Special Treat for you Yep A video I put together a while back. Sorry about the sound, I hope you enjoy it 5 Essential Keys to […]
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The Ultimate Guide For Starting an Amazon Kindle Publishing Business

Since I was a kid I was interested in writing books. I remember writing silly little stories, drawing illustrations for them and then forcing my parents to read them. I was particularly inspired by Harry Potter when I was in second grade and that lead me to writing at least 20 to 30 pages of […]
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Internet. Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm Gives Small Businesses The Advantage

Fed up with the scaremongering surrounding last week's mobile-friendly algorithm roll out by Google, leading UK and US search marketing experts …
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Signpost Raises $20.5 Million To Take The Marketing Burden Off Brick-And-Mortar Stores

While Signpost initially targeted small and medium businesses, it's now after the broader “B2C” market of any store that sells to individual consumers.
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