Sprint Appoints Kevin Crull As Chief Marketing Officer, Effective May 31

Sprint Appoints Kevin Crull As Chief Marketing Officer, Effective May 31

Before that, Crull led consumer and small-business sales and marketing at AT&T Corp., and was senior vice president and general manager of AT&T's …
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How an App Can Save Your Business Money and Improve Moral

Have you ever considered how an App could change an entire company’s culture? In today’s podcast Don Purdum shares how a conversation with a frustrated friend who works for a construction company led to an idea for an app that could streamline communication, improve efficiency and leave customers feeling happy about their experience. Listen in […]
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How to Produce Great SEO Copywriting

Effective SEO copy is more than just the requisite percentage of carefully chosen keywords. The keywords boost the search engine rankings, but that is all they do. To actually get the people who find the site to read it and make the leap to purchase, join or sign up for something, a website needs interesting […]
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How Small Businesses Are Using Social Media [Infographic]

The report was based on data from a survey of 354 small business owners or … —30% of businesses that use an outside agency/consultant for social … a marketing agency that specializes in content creation for businesses and …
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Google confirms that it DID update its algorithm this month (Phantom)

A few days ago we reported that Google had secretly been rolling out a Phantom algorithm that at the time the search engine giant kept under raps, yet thousands of webmasters noted as rankings and traffic fluctuated. And we finally have some confirmation that the Phantom (as the secretive update was named at the time) […]
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How I turned Rejection into $234+ recurring Payment!

This is exactly how I was rejected for a sponsored post deal but it turned out to generate more income that the deal would have done. In this post, I share my thoughts on Affiliate product reviews and Sponsored product reviews. Which you should focus on and why
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9 Financial Principles You Should Live By

Financial instability can be one of the biggest stress causes in people’s lives. Most people are not financially literate because financial literacy is not taught in school. The school systems and government leave the financial teachings to the parents. But, what if the parents are not educated on finances? Then we have a huge problem […]
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Dance.Laugh.Learn. founders use free NYC programs to run small biz

So they decided to put their talents into their own business. … a nonprofit business incubator, which took them on to help with their marketing. … “[Small business services] are all kind of interconnected, so once you hook up with one, …
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Bloggers get hired by companies! Companies, find bloggers to hire

I’m introducing my new platform for bloggers and companies. BlogExpose.com is the place where companies looking for bloggers and bloggers looking for writing jobs meet. It’s absolutely free for both bloggers and companies
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