How to Get More Leads and Sales for Businesses in the Philippines – Include Internet Marketing

    If you are searching for where to buy leads for email marketing or SMS blasts marketing, I suggest you look at the best provider in the Philippines today: Philippine Leads. If you are looking for the “business model” or the “how to get leads” part, the lead generation system, read the rest of this entry.     This post is my attempt to lay the foundations of how a business stakeholder (owner, manager, marketer) should train his or her mind when it comes to deciding if the Internet should be utilized for marketing or not.     To get more leads and have the legitimate chance to convert these leads into payers, I advocate “staying where the audience stays.” This is not something new, but the technology involved is.     In the simplest way I possibly can, through this post, I return to the basics of how business entities have gained success and profitability even before the emergence of the Internet. I highlight that the center for any effort must be the customers or the recipients or target market or the actual audience of the business. I describe a time-tested principle, and outlined the process which works in the traditional setting.     Next, I insert my own analysis of what the online world has done to change the process, backed by statistics from third-party sources.     And then, I move to explaining how big authoritative traditional media networks have been contributing to the widespread mistrust and discouragement about all things online, and how we may counter this attitude which may be hindering the growth of our business.     Images shown in this post are screen shots of:   * spreadsheet file about my research for a project I am developing * dashboard of my account in web-based ranking-monitor ProRankTracker * Google search results page (SERP) 1 for keyword “filipino seo expert” * traffic summary from StatCounter for period of May 1 to May 28, 2014     I have done my best to provide information and evaluation which may be able to help anyone doing business anywhere in the world. However, there are certain special portions which apply dominantly to the Philippine environment which may only be fully understood by those who have enough experience about and exposure to the Filipino culture.     Reviewing the Basics     I think I am more troubled than amazed when I found out that there are lots of Catholic Schools in Metro Manila which do not fund their own privately-paid website and unique domain names.         I am disturbed by this discovery. Is this enough to conclude that Catholic education in the country is no longer being heavily promoted, this is actually happening to a nation primarily forged by religious movements?     Let us set aside any controversy at the moment, by recalling the aspects of effective marketing and promoting.     The Audience     Every business needs an audience; a read more


24 People Who Helped Me Make Money Online Without Them Knowing It

preview of one of the modules of Kevin's product

  Click here for a PDF version of this entry.   I want to document all products, services, and tips, which I believe have refined my skills when it comes to Internet Marketing.   And this is the result.   This article is actually what happened when I attempt to emulate or follow the powerful advice of Matthew Woodward in his Internet Marketing Blog. More on him later. ;)   My hard drive is full of different digital products, and those mentioned here will not even form 1% of the total.   But what I included here are things which I believe contribute to how I do things as of today – from principles to techniques, from software to websites, from business models to actual cash on the hand – and how I am able to attract a type of success, one which many people may not even be aware is available to them.   Each part starts with the name of the marketer or owner of the product, as it is introduced to me. I do not know if they are the exclusive owner or promoter or creator.   In my effort to provide a uniform way of presenting things, I placed the link to each individual’s profile page in The Warrior Forum. I believe that all marketers I respect and look up to are in this part of the web.   In some cases where the Warrior Member is not really very active in the forum, I have provided the website where I usually find them.   Please also keep in mind that I fully paid for all products and services I mentioned here. In some cases, like about those things I gained access via the paid area “The War Room,” I earned my basic “rights” by paying and by providing value.   The order I have here is according to chronology of my Internet Marketing career, from earliest to most recent.     #1 Harvey Segal The Ultimate Super Tip Ebook http://www.warriorforum.com/members/harvey-segal.html   This is the guy who convinced me that I can make money online by focusing on the simple steps and providing solutions to problems.   And that I don’t have to rely on limited traffic sources.     I even attribute to him my fascination with learning enough about HTML coding and scripts which I now treat as fundamentals in understanding all it takes to running a website-based career.   The product purchase – The Ultimate Super Tip Ebook – has a very good over-delivery, and opened up the doors for me to understand more about how to attract online income.     #2 Jeremy Gislason SureFireWealth.com + PLR products http://surefirewealth.com/   Jeremy Gislason is the part-owner of the over-delivery package included in my purchase of The Ultimate Super Tip Ebook earlier mentioned.   I believe that many of the products and websites of Jeremy Gislason are created and marketed with Simon Hodgkinson as his partner. However, I have one support message which was read more