The 7 Best Ingredients of a Perfect Android Mobile App

The 7 Best Ingredients of a Perfect Android Mobile App

App development for Android has taken huge steps in the app programming field. Currently, there are numerous businesses that are in existence due to Android app development. In a world where everyone is creating an app for one reason or another, a well-designed app is not good enough anymore.
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My Online Success 12 Step Daily Action Plan

Building Online Success Before we get to my daily action plan for online success I’d like welcome you to the new month. Can you believe it is already June? It is crazy how time just passes us by, Right? This is why it is so important for all of us to have a plan of […]
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4 Steps to Managing Your Small Business' Online Reputation

This is something your marketing people should be all over from the get-go, … To manage your business' online reputation it's all about Facebook, …
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Google and Apple: Don’t Bite the Ad Revenue That Feeds You

For years, Google and Apple have maintained a mysterious relationship. In the past, the Tek Team has analyzed the powerful love-hate connection that exists between these two, and why this give- and- take partnership benefits both corporations. Despite their very public spats and courtroom battles, there’s a recent analysis that explains why Google desperately needs […]
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Local business calendar

MARKETING: The S.C. Small Business Development Centers holds a seminar, “Is Your Marketing and Branding Effort Working? Are you Getting …
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Marketing without Vision Sucks and Why It’s Obvious You Don’t Have One

What is vision? Can you answer that question without feeling a pit in your stomach or a question go through your mind? Have you even given thought to it or have you spent your time as business owner or entrepreneur developing strategies and working to just get your company launched because you’re excited? Perhaps you’ve […]
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Top 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business (Infographic)

From a small business perspective, social media marketing is more than just merely gaining likes, fans, repins and retweets, but rather getting the …
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4 Questions We Need Answered at Google I/O

Tomorrow on May 28, the 8th annual Super Bowl of software will commence in San Francisco, CA. Fandroids everywhere are rejoicing the biggest tech holiday of the year. Google I/O is here!   Last year, we were blessed with an aggressive Material Design makeover for Android. The theme this year seems to be more along […]
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5 Practical Ways To Cut Your Marketing Time In Half

As a small business owner, you're used to wearing all the hats. … If you're like a lot of business owners, the answer to that is marketing tasks: updating …
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