Viral Marketing and Other Trends in Online Gaming

It seems like these days the holy grail of marketing is having something go viral. Marketers spend huge amounts of time studying viral trends and attempting to get their next post, tweet, meme, or video to go viral and score huge points for their brand. The online casino gaming industry is still experimenting with viral marketing through social media platforms, but it undoubtedly going to continue to push into viral marketing in the future.

Viral Marketing for Online Gaming Industry

One of the biggest moves right now in the gaming industry is taking advantage of social gaming. Social gaming through Facebook and other social media sites has proven to be a gigantic hit with people. So much so that they have been willing to spend their own real money, sometimes hundreds of dollars of it, in order to buy a new power-up or get an exclusive animal for their virtual farm.

Social gambling has already been shown to have promise, with online real-money bingo sites registering huge success in the UK and Europe. The next step, and one that many of the best casinos in USA and around the world are already exploring, is feeding off that social trend in order to get people to play casino games such as blackjack or slots for real money in a social media setting.

Online Gaming Industry Using Viral Marketing

Using social media and viral marketing effectively is a part of what may become a new way of gambling online. Many online gambling sites, such as PokerStars, already encourage social media usage and viral content by allowing players to post hand histories to their Facebook pages, for example.

Online gaming companies also see social media as one of the main conduits of their message, especially when traditional advertising is unavailable, like in the USA. These companies have always relied on the idea of word-of-mouth, through review sites and affiliates, but now can see that by using social media effectively they can advertise by word-of-mouth and cut out the middlemen.

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