Wellfleet gallery gets small business boost from SEED

Wellfleet gallery gets small business boost from SEED

WELLFLEET—Starting a small business can be daunting, and the reality of what … And then there are the challenges of keeping a small business going, … lender for small businesses,” explained Angela Knight, SEED's marketing …
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How she died while struggling to become a pro blogger?

Everything was going so well. She was working hard and achieving her targets without fail. She was moving in right direction. But all of a sudden nothing left and people were about to put her dead body into to the coffin box, then a miracle happened to her. This may occur to anyone who does […]
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One word for you, entrepreneurs . . . Marketing

So, how can a professional bring in more business through marketing? … that most beautiful of all things in small business: Money while you sleep.
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20 Ways to Drive Comments to Your Blog

The number of comments posted is one of the key metrics in determining a posts’ effectiveness. If users are actively leaving comments on your blog, then you can be sure that the audience will continue to grow. Here you’ll find a list of ideas to help drive more comments to your blog or website.
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How To Get More Social Shares Today with a Magic Number

Do you wonder how some bloggers get so many more social shares on their posts? I noticed some posts lately reaching into the thousands of shares. Do you wish you could have more social shares on your own blog posts? I asked a few bloggers who get a lot more social shares than average on […]
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