What is content marketing? And what is it definitely not?

What is content marketing? And what is it definitely not?

Definitions of content marketing abound across the Internet. Experts have all tried to explain that it is all about a complete reversal of the “selling process” as a result of severe anti-advertising backlash from customers. Brands now have to “provide valuable information” and gain trust before customers even move an inch to try and sample […]
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Square is leveraging merchant services programs to grow its core business

Square recently launched Square Marketing, a customer relationship management (CRM) software that enables small businesses to push new …
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Jenn Ulmer Jenkins wins $20000 small business makeover for In the Breadbox

Small business makeover winner Jenn Ulmer Jenkins has found success in wholesaling gluten-free breads, cakes and muffins and will add a retail …
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Small business commissioner wants better treatment of Riverina wine grape growers

The NSW small business commissioner says she is appalled by the way … in response to concerns from the Riverina Winegrapes Marketing Board.
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How can I balance my day job with my business?

In the next five to seven years I want to ramp up my small business to give me a … The proliferation of digital media marketing is unquestionable.
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Elmwood Park business owner attends inaugural Small Business Leadership Summit

Hipatia Lopez, a small-business owner in Elmwood Park, says this is the year her … Lopez is one of five New Jersey small-business owners attending the … She juggles her duties – which include marketing, social media and working …
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G/O Digital and Entrepreneur Magazine Reveal SMBs Are Just on Cusp of Entering Digital Space

“Almost 80 percent of small businesses spend 5 percent or less of their annual revenue on digital marketing, despite recognizing they need to …
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How to: Develop a social marketing campaign

And in many ways it is, which presents an opportunity for small business … for small businesses that wish to experiment with social media marketing.
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